Our first IPO, BitAlert has the commitment for full funding!

Qualitative investment decisions for crypto currency trades, based on BitAlert information services.
BitAlert is an Android and iOS mobile application that allows people to track and analyse movements in Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency as a phenomenon is still very new and Investors and customers in this market are struggling to understand it and who can blame them? After all there’s so much conflicting contradictory content, articles, books and blogs on the crypto market and its coming from every direction.

BitAlert, thru advanced self-learning, creates mathematical algorithms that collects big data, analyses data points in split seconds, gives the investing public a unique and innovative way to analyse the crypto currency market by simplifying the process of investing in crypto coins and tokens.

The data necessary to make balanced and informed investment decisions in the concurrency market are delivered directly to the public’s mobile device, laptop or even desktop. At a glance the investor can determine the perfect time to buy, hold or sell their crypto currency.


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